I'm your go-to Marketing & Monetization Mentor for all of the big dreams you have... but don't know how to create.

I'm also a podcast host, Youtuber, Instagram addict, blogger and educator.

I've been an entrepreneur and online business owner since 2009 after I found myself in the middle of an out-of-alignment college internship when I self-diagnosed as virtually unemployable. Today, I help creative, multi-passionate, over-achieving individuals who have the entrepreneur itch but need guidance to build their business in a smarter (not harder) way.

Most days you can find me working from my couch with my rescue dogs AKA work buddies, Olive Oil & Mila, or at my CrossFit gym throwing around barbells and hanging from a pull up bar. I believe you can have crazy success without sacrificing your health, lifestyle, or relationships to get there. (Just watch my Insta-stories and you'll see all the #BTS action!)

My favorite words, and business core values, are: freedom, fulfillment, and generosity.

I teach my clients and students how to run their business CEO-style -- less hustle, more intention, and serious success.


Because you deserve to be fully alive, happy, and on fire about what you do... not burnt out and frazzled.

That's why I'm so obsessed with success that's sustainable. I'll show you how, friend!

(because you deserve to have success without sacrifice.)




Ready to work like a CEO? Ready to earn like a CEO?

It all starts with working smarter, my friend. That means helping you implement smart business & marketing strategies so you can stop DIY'ing your business (and wasting hours scrolling through Facebook wondering "why NOT me?) and start killing it online.

I'm talking sales funnels, social media, online marketing, and personal branding to help you take over the world... because we both know you're not here to mess around. You're playing for keeps.

But here's the deal... this is about no-fluff stuff that works. Not just complicated techie things or icky Excel spreadsheets to make your eyes cross.

Let's link arms and I'll help you every step of the way. I believe in you!

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I'm a girl from farmtown Pennsylvania living in Charlotte, North Carolina with the hottest guy on earth (AKA my husband Kyle) and our two rescue furbabies, Olive Oil & Mila. Most weekends you can find me drinking kombucha, exploring my new city, or training at my CrossFit gym.

I'm always in the mood for tacos + guacamole. I'm fluent in Spanish and a little rusty in my Sign Language.

I'm obsessed with health and fitness, and I swear that barbells and green smoothies are what keep me so high on life.

My favorite date night always includes homemade paleo chocolate chip cookies, truffled popcorn, and a movie night with my little family.