These are a few of my favorite things...

A smart entrepreneur has tools to automate, simplify, systemize and otherwise take over the world. 


Business Must-Haves:


This is hands down my favorite lead generation tool! It's so simple to use and offers so many drag and drop options that allow you to create landing pages that really go with your brand. 


This is another great lead generation tool that I use for other features, it's a great way to get started with building your list. 


I've only just signed up for Infusionsoft in September 2015 but it's blowing me away so far! So many features like CRM, list segmenting, membership sites, and much more.


The perfect CRM for beginner entrepreneurs. Mailchimp is so easy to use and has great templates for your first newsletters.


My favorite way to conduct meetings with clients or host video interviews because it has recording functionality.

1Password or LastPass

If you think your tricky passwords are enough to keep hackers out, you're dead wrong. Get encrypted password protection from either 1Password or LastPass.

Get Paid:


I LOVE this platform and find it so sleek looking, and easy to use. You set it so that you get your money automatically deposited into your account after your customer or client pays. I usually see mine appear on my bank statement in 24-48 hours.


for automating monthly payments so you don't have to chase people for the money they owe you. Super easy to use and it integrates with Stripe.


not my favorite but it is the most popular platform for paying and accepting payments. Most people feel comfortable using it.

Grow Your Tribe:


Manage all of your social media channels in one dashboard and automate your posts! Makes social media less of a headache and allows you to spend more time doing what you love: actually being social!


webinars are SO powerful for creating trust with your audience. This is the best webinar platform, in my opinion.


use awesome video content to generate leads with this tool.


screencasting & video editing software for Mac. Amazing for when you create your first course!


phone and web conferencing allowing you to become more tangible to your audience.



for easy to use and sleek websites templates that allow you to drag + drop, integrate payment, and have SEO features.

domain support with great customer service.

self-hosted websites with thousands of plugins.


website hosting with great customer service!

Unsplash Stock Images (free)

high quality & creative images for your website and social.

my favorite royalty-free stock images!

Google Analytics

to track your website, app & marketing channel numbers.

Organize Like a Boss:


A teamwork platform that allows you to organize projects, tasks, assign due dates and communicate with your team. Goodbye e-mails!

Satori App

It's the scheduling system that I use for my business but I have to admit I don't love it. It's meant specifically for coaches but it lacks other functionalities I now realize I need!


A scheduling platform that has great features but also looks beautiful - something that's important to me and my brand!


I could NOT survive without Dropbox. My entire business is organized in Dropbox and it's how I share files with all my clients. I love that it lives in my desktop files and not in a browser.


This is how I organize all brainstorming, ideas, thoughts or client notes. Ideas pop into my head while I'm at the store and I just write in my iPhone and everything is synched. Could not live without it!

Google Docs

I personally don't like using Google Docs very much because it always feels so hard to find documents. Not to mention if it's in a browser, I'm almost 99% likely to forget it exists. Google Docs are free, though! If they work for you, awesome.

Creative Tools:

Canva for Business

Create graphics for literally anything you need with this insanely easy to use tool - not to mention their templates are gorgeous!

Adobe Creative Cloud

I use Photoshop and Lightroom almost every day in my business and I love that this cloud membership that makes my life so much easier!

VSCO Cam App

One of my favorite photo editing apps for gorgeous social media images. This is a must-have for anyone who wants a cohesive look to their Instagram feed.

Over App

My favorite app for adding text or art to your social media images!

Afterlight App

Another one of my favorite photo editing apps for your iPhone.


Royalty-free sound clips and music for your audio's, podcast or videos.


My favorite platform to upload, share and promote your audio recordings, music or interviews.



hire contractors for quick jobs like coding, html, integrating a plugin, etc. The options are limitless and you can hire out ethically for less $$.

Sweet Process

a platform that allows you to document all SOP's and repetitive tasks that have to happen in your business. Then you can share them with your team members to avoid pesky e-mails!


a transcription service for as low as $1/minute!

Camera & Video:

iPhone 6

I film so many videos right on my iPhone and upload them directly to YouTube or into Dropbox. So simple and great quality!

Canon Rebel

a great quality camera that you can shoot video & images with. This was the first camera I started with and it's fairly easy to use and shoots high quality images.

Diva Light

for amazing studio quality video (hello, flawless skin!) without the complicated set-up.


for your Canon camera and can also be used for your iPhone.

Video Backdrop Kit

for in-house filming! Here's one that includes lighting, too.

Society6 Tapestries

for interesting backdrops for your videos and images.