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I went from making $200 in June to $4,200 in July! That’s $4,200 in my biz in the first month of working together. I was about to give up but instead I decided to invest in myself and work with Erika Sheffer. Things have shifted and amazing changes are happening.
— Vanessa Hallick, Clarity & Mindset Coach

I got my first ever paying client within the first week of working with Erika! I used her Discovery Session formula and I got YES! *happy dance*
— Nozipho Sibanda, Confidence Coach

Working with Erika has brought my business to an entire new height. She is so talented at helping women entrepreneurs bring their essence to life. Before working with Erika I struggled to get my message out, I felt like it fell flat because nothing was consistent and it wasn’t showing who I truly am. After working with Erika I have raised my prices because my brand truly reflects the level at which I serve my clients. Best of all she has been able to help me capture my true essence and taught me how to recreate everything myself so I don’t feel like I am dependent on someone else in order to make things look great. If you need to get your business to the next level, do not hesitate in working with Erika, her work will propel you to become the female entrepreneur you set out to become.
— Lauren Joyce,

Erika is incredible at supporting new women entrepreneurs in getting visible online! She helped me create a new strategy to promote my brand using social media in the most appropriate way. Working with Erika opened a whole new world for me, and for my business! If you really want to be visible online and master your social media strategy in a stylish and masterful way, Erika is the go-to person!
— Sabrina Fusaro, Italy, Business Coach

I had an incredible session with Erika! She had great insight and recommendation for my Facebook and Pinterest accounts that will leverage my time and create a stronger funnel of success - AKA build my list! Thank you Erika!
— Lisa Van Tonder, California,

Erika, thank YOU again and again! Our sessions are always good but what I love is that I notice a ripple effect throughout my day and whatever drop is planted in that just hour permeates the rest of my day into feeling uplifted and balanced! Keep doing what you do!
— Deborah Powell, Canada, health & wellness activist

[Erika] got me to dive deep into my heart and soul to really find out who I am and what I want to do in this world... I have made some life changing decisions since our meeting and I’ve never felt more at ease. If you’re unsure of yourself, your life or the path you are heading, a session with Erika will leaving you feeling with more clarity and peace. I can’t thank her enough for her amazing support.
— Erika Surmi, Montana

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