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My clients are extraordinary women who are not only willing, but committed, to showing up and doing the work. That's why they have exceptional results. If you're excited to have a big shift in your business + are interested in finding out if my coaching program is the perfect fit for you, book your session.

NOTE: This complimentary session is ONLY for women who are serious about investing in themselves monetarily. Erika's 1:1 mentorship program is exclusive to action-takers and go-getter entrepreneur's who understand that investing in their business takes financial commitment as well as intentional personal commitment. The investment of the 1:1 Mentorship is $3,500 per month for 4 or 6 months. If you are not ready to take this step in hiring a mentor and making this business investment, please do not apply.

I went from making $200 one month to $4,200 the next month! That’s almost $5k in the first month of working with Erika. I was about to give up on my business but I invested in coaching with Erika instead. Now $12k months are my new normal and the clients are pouring in! It’s all happening!
— Vanessa Hallick, Coach
I have a whole new life and a whole new business. I went from procrastinating and having no idea what to do to booking up with 20 discovery calls in one week and having massive productivity up-levels.
— Emma Tynan, Coach for Spiritual Boss Babes
After working with Erika, I now know what I stand for and I’m confident in charging my worth. Not many people know this, but I went from being in major credit card debt to hitting $5k and $7k months consistently. I’m confident and I know what my worth is and I stand by it.
— Veronica Gonzalez, Interior Designer & Stylist