5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness (plus a fat-blasting workout)

Then: I've been active for as long as I can remember. I was riding a bike almost as soon as I could walk. But when my childlike metabolism slowed down and after doing some *eh hem* damage to my body in college, I found I could no longer just eat whatever I wanted. I suddenly gained all this weight and had to start thinking about fitness as a means to get my body back in conjunction with paying attention to what I ate. It was a strange realization and not so pleasant (Where did this roll come from?! Oh, for goodness sakes just pass the pizza..)

Now: I love fitness and movement. I CrossFit and I yoga. I hike and I bike (no incline hills please). And I'm pretty much down to try anything once to get a sweat on. But I do it because it's fun, not because I want to torture myself into misery and a skinny body. 


Let me ask you, how are you feeling right about now when it comes to your body and your fitness? Are you looking to burn fat or gain muscle? Maybe you just want to feel strong and if you get some definition along the way you consider it icing on the cake?

It's Spring here for us northern hem residents... and Memorial Day is FAST approaching (I mean wasn't it just Christmas yesterday?). I realize you want to feel amazing in your bathing suit this summer and you probably don't want to torture yourself in the process so here's what I got...


5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness

1. Decide to commit (within reason). First, be aware that life happens and it's easy to bail when something comes up! Decide not to let that happen more than a few times a month. Second, if you want to get back into a regular routine, make sure you have real expectations of yourself. If you haven't worked out all winter and you're trying to go from zero to 60 by shooting for 5 days per week right off the bat, it will be too much. Get real, commit, master your commitment, then up the game when you're ready.

2. Schedule it in. Do you schedule in work meetings? How about dinner dates? Well, add your workouts, too! I always say, if it's not scheduled, it's not happening.

3. Experiment. One size does not fit all. If you hate barre then why force yourself to do it? The first class is usually free at a lot of gyms, so take advantage of that and try different things to see what you like. But once you settle, don't be afraid to mix it up again!

4. Buy cute workout clothes. This hardly needs an explanation, but let's get real and admit that if we can shop for our workouts, and look really cute when we sweat, we're more apt to want to dress up and show up. Plus workout gear shopping is fun... colors and patterns galore!

5. Get accountability. It's easy to fall off the wagon when no one cares if you do. Whether you get a sister, a friend, a partner, a trainer or a coach... get someone who will call you out if you miss a whole week of workouts. Accountability is the missing link for most people and makes the difference when we're talking hitting goals or quitting before we even get a taste.

{BONUS} A Tabata Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Tabata workouts are some of the most effective ways to burn fat, get your blood pumping, feel strong and get fit. I usually turn to tabata-style workouts when I'm traveling because they are so easy to come up with. It's also a perfect workout for busy days when you can't make it to the gym!

The idea is to pick four to five exercises that get the whole body involved, work for 20 seconds, rest for 10, then repeat that sequence 8x for each movement. You can use dumbells, barbells or just do bodyweight movements (trust me, that burns just as much!) Here's an example to show you what I mean...

Tabata Body Fat Burner --

Air squats: work 20 seconds, rest 10. Repeat 8x.
Push ups: work 20 seconds, rest 10. Repeat 8x.
V-ups: work 20 seconds, rest 10. Repeat 8x.
Burpees: work 20 seconds, rest 10. Repeat 8x.

**Track your reps for each period of work. Your score is the lowest # of reps for each movement added up across the board. Redo this workout after a couple weeks and then see if you can beat your original score!

You're working for less than 15 mins total in this workout, so don't be too scared to try it!

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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