Here's What Happened When I Started Eating More Fat Than Ever

"Fat makes you fat."
"Low-fat makes you fat."
"Fat is bad for you."
"No! Fat is good for you! Eat lots of it"

"Holy &@!* which one is it?"

No matter what you've heard, what you actually believe, or even what beliefs or lessons linger in your head surrounding dietary fat... one things for sure, women tend to believe that they should stay away from eating fat if we want teensy waist lines. We tend to think dietary fat = fat bellies and butts. But we couldn't be more wrong.

Maybe you saw TIME magazines cover this summer that had a piece of butter on it and you (like so many) were like "WHAAT?! How? Could it be..? Nevvverrrr!"

Maybe your whole world crumbled when you found out people were putting BUTTER IN THEIR COFFEE -- but secretly you're super curious about whether you should swap your Starbucks latte for Dave Asprey's trio of buttery fat + caffeine that has the internet retweeting in a frenzy and high profile dietitians and celebrity trainers melting in their own identities into a buttery puddle.

Maybe you can't let go of the low-fat yogurt in your fridge because the dietary advice of the 90's has stuck... and all you can think of is how your grandmother ate like a bird her whole life and looked sexy as hell doing it (until she became a celestial being and left you here with these paleo nuts).

Maybe everything you've ever heard or learned about dietary fat is now contradicted on the daily and you're so confused you just drown yourself in carbs anyways (WHAT IS LIFE?!).

I hear you, sugar lips. I remember my own breakdown. 

Fast forward to today and I am, well, as they say "enlightened". 

Let me introduce to you the light.

My fiance and I are diehard health foodies and we will be that way until we die. We are obsessed with health podcasts, digging up nutrition info, making our own bone broth, learning about SCOBY's, CSA's, MCT oil and Whole Foods. We love health food trends and trying them out for ourselves. When it came to incorporating way more fat than we ever thought we'd be comfortable doing, we kinda just stared at fear in the face and jumped off the cliff anyway.

In the past 6 months we have been eating WAY more fat than we every have before.

What kind of fat you ask?
A plethora of avocados, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, soaked nuts and seeds, some nut butters, ghee, olive oil (not heated) pastured eggs, pastured meats (lamb, beef, some pork), wild caught fish and sardines, and not to mention butter and guacamole used as condiments on almost everything we can think of that isn't too weird. 

We have been more or less following the Bulletproof Diet (we're not super into labels, but if you like them, feel free to slap it on).

Here's what happened when we started eating A LOT of fat:

1. Fat loss. We are both now leaner than we were 6 months ago, when we were actually working out way more. Because I've been so busy with my business there were actually several weeks where I would only hit up CrossFit 1x per week. I look better in terms of physical composition now than I did 6 months ago, interestingly. The more you teach your body to run off of dietary fat as fuel (instead of sugar/carbs), the more easily you burn body fat.

2. Mental Clarity. I'm not experiencing brain fog like I used to. I feel more awake and lively. No drowsy 4pm crashes. I'm able to work looong hours and remain focused. Less fill-in words like "um" and "so", which is quite interesting.

3. Kicked sugar cravings. I have been addicted to sugar for as long as I remember. I love me some carbs and I love me some ice cream. Dairy? Oh what I'd do for a cheese plate. But the more fat we eat, the less I care about sweets, dairy or carbs (which are all sugar when broken down essentially). This isn't to say that I don't indulge still (chocolate is a food group in my world), but eating a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner with coconut is all I need and I'm satisfied.

4. Sexy feels. Dave Asprey talks about how your libido goes up and dude was he right! I feel confident, sexy, healthy, lively and in love (with myself and my babe). Loss of libido is a serious problem many people face because their all drugged up on sugar and strung out and stressed. Bad combo. 

5. Less hunger, more satisfaction (more is more). Good dietary fat is incredibly satisfying and we aren't doing any calorie restricting here. We get to eat until we feel satiated and I noticed that I didn't need a million snacks throughout the day because the fat sustains me well between meals. Sometimes I would have to remind myself to sit down for a meal because the hunger pangs wouldn't come on like before (and I get hangry). 

6. Energy like WHOA. Jumping out of bed in the morning? Having energy for a 6pm CrossFit class? Skipping around my house between meetings? Slow down, cowgirl... this kind of energy don't come easy (actually it does).

7. Improved digestion. Grains, sugar and excess carbs bloat me, I'm highly sensitive. I haven't been bloated once and I've noticed how smooth and easy my digestion is. Glory!

8. Cooking made simple. Throwing together eggs in the morning with some veggies is a cinch, throwing a roast in the crockpot smothered in butter is delish... we cook most foods slow and low so it's easy prep and we aren't spending long hours in the kitchen (which is what so many people fear comes hand-in-hand with healthy eating).

9. Glow! Healthy omega-3 fats are incredibly nourishing to the body and give you that skin glow that so many of us envy. I have skin struggles, but I noticed by skin is more plump and less-dehydrated than it usually is this time of year. 

10. Zero sickness. Our immune systems are STRONG! We haven't had a cold or any kind of sickness at all this year, which is incredibly rare for both of us because the winter season takes a toll, but on me especially. Everyone around us seems to be getting sick and we are feeling healthier than ever. I'll take it!


So there you have it! I can honestly say that there's no exaggeration here whatsoever. But if you plan on implementing more fats in your diet, please do some research and stick to high quality fats from organic sources. Dave Asprey is your dietary fat guru. I plan to get his book to get more insight on the science of it all. Here is a great article to read in addition to heading to his website.

What we have been told about dietary fat is mostly very incorrect. Find out for yourself!