SOS! This one thing was suffocating my success.

This morning I was journaling and reflecting... the fall weather is settling in and along with the cool temps I was also hit with a wave of unpleasant nostalgia.

One year ago... things were 100% different. Polar opposites. Black & white. There was no glamour. No extra money. No vacations. No fancy dinners. No shopping or enough money at the end of the month to pay anything more than the darned 'minimum payment' on our credit cards. Just lots of work to be done and a certain degree of uncertainty.

We just got back from a mini Florida getaway last week and it hit me today... everything has changed (sometimes you've got your nose so close to the glass you don't even notice the circle of condensation from your bated breath).

My husband is quitting his job, we're moving to a place where sunshine + sand is in abundance, and we are absolutely financially free. We are literally walking around in the dream life I envisioned one year ago -- except the live version is much better.

But there was a time when this was not true. And there was something very real that was suffocating my success...

Shiny object syndrome. [If you just squirmed in your seat, listen up.]

The endless webinars, the 5-digit newsletter subscriptions, the sparkly opt-ins, the video series' and the e-books... we've all been sucked in, right? I know I was!

But this madness has got to stop. We fiercely search for that one piece to the puzzle, the "secret" formula, the blueprint... that ONE thing we think will lead us to success. But in the midst of the subscribing frenzy we lose ourselves, and we miss the whole point.

The point is there is NO one way to success. There are two dozen paths that lead up the same mountain. You just have to stay focused on YOUR journey... and do it like your life depends on it.

Want to know the TOP things that cured me of Shiny Object Syndrome (after purging my inbox and turning off all social media notifications) and got me to finally achieve something, everything, in my business?

Getting visible.
Helping someone.
Implementing over and over and over and over again.
Persistence all day, every day.

Stop acting like a squirrel waiting for the next nut to fall right at your feet. Be the woman who gets herself out there, on a consistent basis, with a heart to make an impact and keep that cycle on repeat.

You'll be surprised at how much easier this whole thing gets when you keep your eyes on your own paper.


You got this,