Winners Don't Wait. Winners Create.

Are you waiting for something to change first before you make a big change?

Are you waiting to make money before you invest? Are you waiting for your fans to show up before you get on Periscope? Are you waiting for the "perfect time" to start your next project? Are you feeling stuck in your life and business?

Newsflash: Winners don't wait!

Winners create their own opportunities and they decide on their own terms how quickly (or slowly) they create success. Don't get caught waiting! Go take the leap, take a chance, invest, get visible, reach out to an influencer you admire... consider this your sign.

What move can you make TODAY that will push you forward? What decision can you make that will get you out of your comfort zone and create a new opportunity for you?

Whatever it is, don't wait. Go create.


Erika Sheffer Auckland