New to Periscope? Simple Steps To Get Started Today

I've been on Periscope for about 2 weeks now and I'm totally amazed at how much potential this platform has. If you're a coach or a service-based entrepreneur, I highly suggest checking out the livestreaming app ASAP to rapidly grow your following, and create a high-touch relationship with your audience. Want raving fans? Show up on Periscope and share great value!

In the two weeks that I have been obsessively watching 'scopes (that's what Peri-people call the broadcasts, ok?), I've learned a whole lot on what to do and what not to do. I want to give you that information here so you can start using it the right way.

Here are my top strategies for getting started & building a dedicated audience on Periscope:

1. Always have a strategy when you broadcast. Don't just get on to babble about your day. Instead, give people a reason to take time out of their busy schedule to listen and engage with you. Create a strategy around content that gives your viewers lots of value so they will want to follow you and come back and watch again!

2. Create interesting, eye-grabbing titles for your broadcasts that stand out. Use emoji's and interesting fonts (search font apps) for attention getting titles that your followers want to click on and watch. 

3. Acknowledge commenters and heart-givers. Take some time at the beginning of your 'scopes to welcome everyone and ask them to get engaged. Ask your viewers where they are fun and to let you know if this is their first time tuning in. Thank them for showing up and address them by their names. This will create super high quality leads and turn viewers into fans.

4. Broadcast Outline: a) Greet & Welcome b)  Provide Value c) Engage d) Recap.
Use this outline to really maximize your broadcasts and give viewers a smooth experience.

5. Ask your viewers to share your feed with their followers. You can say, "If you find this information helpful or valuable, share it with your followers!" People won't know to share unless you ask them.

6. Create an incentive for your viewers to give you 'hearts'. Some people do "heart contests" or giveaways to those viewers who give the most hearts. Be creative and find ways to encourage your viewers to give hearts. 

7. Give a 'call to action' or a place to connect. Give your viewers a place where they can connect with you on another level, invite them into your world! You can talk about your upcoming webinar, a freebie or your Facebook group, whatever you choose! Just be transparent about what you're offering.

8. Broadcast for at least 10 minutes. There's really no time limit to your scopes, but make sure they are long enough for your viewers to receive value, engage and ask any questions. So long as people are live and engaging with you, you can stay on for as long as you'd like!

9. Be consistent with how many times a day, or per week, you broadcast. I recommend at least 1 daily broadcast but, whatever you choose, be sure to stay consistent. Remember people are busy and they have lives to live. If you can remain consistent with the times you show up and even let your whole community know when you'll be going live, you'll have more people showing up to watch and engage!

10. Think about the replay user experience. Numbers are revealing that many people prefer to watch broadcasts on their own time because they aren't always available to watch live. Be sure to think about the replay user. If you're waiting 2-3 minutes to start your content, most people won't stick around. There is no fast-forward option so be courteous of other people's time.

BONUS -- Get some tech accessories! Some great tripods and accessories are the Joby Tripod, Jellyfish Mount & the Olloclip.

I hope this was super helpful for you! If you are on Periscope you can follow me @ErikaSheffer or on Twitter @ErikaSheffer_ to catch my live broadcasts. Please let me know if you do so I can some to your broadcasts and give you lots of hearts.

Happy 'scoping!

Erika Sheffer