How I Turned My Previous Yearly Income into My Current Monthly Income

We're halfway through the year! Can you believe it? It's totally crazy! Time is flying, and it's a really great opportunity to check in with your goals.

This week I was taking some time to reflect on a plan I made at the beginning of the month for my business, and it inspired me to write a little about how I turned my previous YEARLY income into my current MONTHLY income (how's that for crazy?)

While I don’t want this to turn into a crazy #bragfest -- it’s not what this is about -- I do want to support you and give you all the tools to make dramatic changes, that I know work, so you can accomplish them in your business. 

Last Monday, I met with my coach and we we’re talking about how this last month has felt like one of the easiest months I’ve ever had in my business, which is great. I was busy, I was making money, but it wasn’t strenuous. I was remembering back to months, like January where I was just giving everything I had to my business- it was so emotionally draining. By the last day of January, I felt like I needed to sleep for a week.

But in June, the month where I’ve managed to turn my yearly income into my monthly income, it felt normal and almost easy, and I thought to myself, "I this is when you know this is legit."

So let’s talk specifics- in June I made $31,000, a little bit shy of my actual goal but that’s ok. Before I started my own business, I was making less than $30,000 a year - in a pretty crappy low paying job. But at one point my coach told me that I could eventually turn my yearly salary into my monthly income. And what I want you to understand is that this also possible for you! If I can do this why can’t you? I know you can be where you desire to be financially without it being exhausting, or it taking everything you have. 

But the big question is: HOW? This is a really big question. So I decided to spend this blog post giving you some tips of different aspects in your business that you can transform.

Tip #1: Get Your Mind Right

The absolute, first thing I did to accomplish this kind of transformation in my business was wealth consciousness work.  If you haven’t heard of it, wealth consciousness is like a muscle we all have in our minds. We all either believe we can make a lot of money or we don’t. To engage our wealth consciousness muscles, we must creating a belief system that hat money, the wealth the abundance is a possibility for you. The universe has enough money for all of us, for all of your desires and all of your needs. 

Each of us just needs to act on the faith that this wealth is available for you now, not later. I started working on my wealth consciousness last August, and when I got really fierce about it was in January. For me it was like going to the gym. I’m a pretty big Crossfitter, and it was very similar to working out any other type of muscle. Some time your going to feel sore, sometimes it’s not going to be pleasant but you have to do it, and eventually it’s going to get better- the belief will be instilled and wealth consciousness come naturally. Those beliefs become your new normal. 

Tip #2: Get Strategic On Social Media

I. Love. Social Media! I’m all about it, but I’m also a really busy person, and I know you are too, so it’s really important to have a purpose with social media. Ask yourself what your purpose is. If you’re just going to spend time checking out feeds it’ll take up all your time, and you’ll have nothing to show for it. So it’s really important to have a strategy with social media. 

Social media is also super useful because this is where your ideal clients are hanging out, your audience, your customers, they’re all there. Instead of convincing people to come to your website, go to social media where it’s a two way conversation. You can engage, develop relationships, cultivate a community, and eventually draw from that community to sell your product. 

Tip #3: Map Out Your Money Goals

At the beginning of each month take at least 30 minutes and map out your money goals for the month! When you sit down to do this, you want to make sure that there is a purpose for all the money you want to come in. I think I have my budget down to the nearest $10. This month I knew I needed to buy a wedding dress, I wanted a certain amount of money for my trip to LA, for a photoshoot. It didn't matter if I wanted to make 5k, or 10k even 45k -- you better believe that I would know what it’s all going to be used for. Where there is a purpose that’s where the money will flow. 

Lastly, and I’m going to be transparent with you about this, I didn’t really work more than you’re working right now. There wasn’t a night I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep or a week where I worked every day. So if there are people out there that are telling you that you’ll have to kill yourself to have this, they’re dead wrong. I was able to create some level of balance, so know that you don’t have to kill yourself, either.

Tip #4: Follow inspired action.

There is a pretty big difference between massive action and inspired action. Massive action is your to do list. For me, I’m super old school, so it’s paper and pen or sharpie. That’s massive action- it’s the stuff that you have to do to keep your business afloat. Inspired action, on the other hand, is the stuff that comes from your intuition, the ah ha moments you have in your business. If your gut is telling you to do something, and you’re intuitively guided to it- than you better do it! Honestly the inspired action is going to give you better results, the results that you want.

Here is a mini bonus tip on this note: If you are looking at your results and they are not what you would have wanted, use this formula for success:

(Thoughts + Emotion) x Action= Results

Are your thoughts not really there or are your actions half-assed? maybe the emotion around it wasn’t right? maybe you weren’t intuitively guided? Any time your results aren’t what you wanted them to be, go back and look at that formula. It never, ever lies.

Tip #5: 
Obvious or not, here it is: Never quit. I literally, literally, never quit. It's just not in my DNA. There are 30 days in June and even though something -- many things -- came up, I knew I had this goal and I was going to accomplish it. I got in a car accident (don't worry, I'm OK), other personal things came up. I could have thrown around a million excuses, but guess what?  I knew I wasn’t able to quit or be defeated. No matter what happens you are dedicated to what those results are going to be, you just keep going. And that's that.



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