A surprising (but super important) element for success.

Hi there lovely,

If you've been working your booty off, burning the midnight oil, and feeling a little more strung out and crazy than you'd like to admit... then it might be time for a little TIME OUT.

Not only is time off necessary for your sanity but it's CRUCIAL for your success! Sayyyyy whaaa?!

You heard me... time off is necessary. Period.

Now, I don't want you to go on thinking that building a business is easy stuff. BUT it sure as hell shouldn't make you go insane. I've worked long, hard, days on frequent occasions but there has never been a time in the past 10 months that I've worked through the night or missed a meal.

In fact, I'm having MORE success now that I'm balancing my work with daily CrossFit workouts, healthy meals, at least 8 hours of sleep and time to travel every 90 days.

It's actually scientifically proven (remind me to dig up that study sometime soon for you) that entrepreneurs who take up to 8 weeks off of work throughout the year have better productivity, work more efficiently and... get this one: are more pleasant to be around.

Not really rocket science, is it?

People are going to read your energy and notice if you're burnt out and frazzled... don't let your struggles be because you are trying to push, push, push through when your body is screaming "GIVE IT A REST!".

So go ahead, shut down your laptop ALL weekend. I dare you.

Then let me know how you're feeling on Monday. (My guess is you'll be ready to totally kill it with lots of leftover energy).


Big crazy love,

Erika Sheffer