How to Stand Out in Your Industry in a Big Way

I'll be honest... I used to get caught up in everyone else's marketing, in their big wins, their Facebook posts about how great their business was doing... it was a rabbit hole of comparison and competition. Meanwhile, my business was looking anything but 5-figure months.

Is that really possible for me? Can I really make that much money, too? These thoughts polluted my head. I remember one specific instance where I saw another woman entrepreneur post about how she was in Hawaii for a week, working from her cabana (pretty sure piƱa colada's were in the picture). Envy flickered inside me and the drama I had was around whether or not I could have that, too.

But then I had a revelation...

I committed to STOP focusing on what everyone else was doing and I asked myself what I really wanted without judging myself. I got super honest about what I wanted to create and very clear about my desires... the foggy mess started to dissipate!

The bottom line is you have to play your own game to stand out in your industry. You must share YOUR story, do it with your specific flavor, and in your own voice. That's what your dream clients want! We want to see the real you.

The marketplace isn't getting any leaner and new "guru's" and coaches are popping up everyday but... there are more than enough clients for you if you will commit to showing up as your true self online, with an unapologetic and fierce presence. This is what attracts your dream clients and what gets you noticed.

So what's it gonna be... Will you allow yourself to be visible as your true self online? Will you stand up for your desires and even share some of them with your audience? Psst... chances are they have similar desires, too!

Be the powerful force you were meant to be and go rock it out. I absolutely know you have it in you.

Big love,

Erika Sheffer