I invested 15k in my business when I was broke

Have you ever wanted to invest in yourself, in your dreams and future, but had no idea how you would pay for it? Are you feeling that way right now in your business?

I remember being in that position not too long ago, in August 2014 to be exact. I was really struggling in my business. There was no money coming in. I had just a couple low-paying clients on my calendar. I had no idea how to attract ideal high-paying clients, and I wasn't even sure what to say in a newsletter that would get people interested enough to want to know what I was all about.

It was at that time that I randomly discovered a Success Coach that I would end up working with for over a year. I saw her lifestyle, her full roster of clients, the impact she was making in the world... it was everything I wanted for my own life.

I read all about her program and her coaching, and honestly? It totally resonated with me... I knew she was the coach for me. But on paper the investment just didn't make sense. I had no savings, a crazy huge amount of debt and no access to funds... or so it seemed.

But I couldn't get over the idea of being stuck like I was for one more year... much less one more week. I saw all of these other successful women working with mentors and coaches. I knew it made sense to invest in yourself and business, but I didn't know where I would find the money to do that.

My fiance was skeptical about taking out a loan or racking up more credit cards, but with enough convincing he came to understand that if I was going to make my business work, I was going to need help from an expert.

Finally we got approved for a credit card with a $15,000 limit, after trying many different ways to get money. And guess what? It was the exact amount I needed to invest in the coaching!

So with sweaty palms and a racing heart, I clicked "Purchase". It was super scary at first but then I felt an overwhelming sense of relief wash over me... like I was finally taking care of my needs and being supported! Just the simple act of pulling out my credit card and clicking the 'buy now' button up-leveled me in a way I can't entirely describe.

I look back now and I'm SO grateful to myself for having the courage to invest in my dreams even when most people thought I was insane. I'm so grateful I stood up for my desires and stepped into what the 6-figure woman entrepreneur would do in my shoes (hint: she would absolutely invest in her dreams)!

So if you're the kind of woman who has big dreams for your business, for your life and future... I want you to know anything is possible.

I know how scary it can be to take a leap of faith, but you should know... the rewards are beyond what you can imagine! (I've been there.)

If you've been dreaming about having a booming business, serving dream clients, and making yourself unmistakable in your industry... I want to show you how to make it happen. Not in five years, not even in 2 years, but this year. 

If you're ready to stand out as the fierce woman entrepreneur I know you are, then book a complimentary Clarity Call with me today to explore getting the support you've been needing.

Looking back, there were so many reasons why I chose to invest in myself in this big way... but above all? I wanted to STAND OUT in the big sea of people trying to make it big as someone who wasn't going to play small anymore. I wanted to be unmistakable.

All of this is possible for you, too.