How Inspired Action Brought in $22K in Profit In One Week

It’s not always about the money, but sometimes it is. And today I want to talk about the money… because I’m hearing the conversation from a lot of entrepreneurs lately. 

Some are looking back at their earnings for 2015 and they just don’t line up with what their goals were back in January...

Or maybe they spent more than they made...

Some struggled to consistently make money in their business so they weren’t able to leave their soul-sucking 9-5 (maybe next year, right?).

And for others, they hardly made any money at all. 

It’s super frustrating right? Can you relate?

I remember being in this exact situation a year ago… it was terrifying to feel like another year was slipping through my fingers and I was still in the same place as the year before (except it was just starting to feel MUCH worse).

But last week I made $22,734.43. Just in ONE week! I only dreamed about this stuff a year ago… so things have obviously changed since 2014. So what was it?!?

I’ll tell you…

1.    I stopped trying to be so darn perfect all the time. Truth be told, I’m a recovering perfectionist and I used to hold off on taking massive action because things didn’t always look perfect or polished. This kept me broke for much longer than necessary. Don’t let it happen to you.

2.    I invested in myself and in my business. I finally stopped trying to DIY my business and I got some support and guidance from a business coach who was running the kind of business I wanted! This was probably the best decision I’ve made in my entire career as an entrepreneur.

3.    I started listening to my intuition and acting on inspiration. Sometimes your gut just knows. It tells you what moves to make or what you should do next but you second guess yourself and hush the whispers instantly. I stopped doing this and learned to trust myself completely… and then I allowed myself to take imperfect action based on what my gut knew was the right move. This resulted in me feeling SO aligned in my business and experiencing crazy miracles that can hardly be explained – I’m talking about $22k weeks and the most amazing clients EVER signing up for my programs.

I talked about this in more detail on my Periscope last week and I seriously think you should watch it if you feel like 2015 wasn’t everything you wanted and if you’re so ready to do BIG things in 2016.

So what is your gut telling you right now? What’s that pull on your heart-strings leading you to? Whatever inspiration you feel nudging at your side, don’t ignore it for a second longer. 

You might be just one inspired act away from a breakthrough.

Big love,



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Erika Sheffer Auckland