3 Mindset Shifts That Dramatically Changed My Reality

Have you ever felt like everything is going wrong all at once? Have you ever felt like things are just freakin' hard and you're not quite sure if they will ever get better?

I know the feeling all too well.

"Count with me. Ready? 1...2...3... breathe, Erika." It was a cold day in November and Kyle and I were sitting on our couch in our living room, it was half-furnished with a crappy Ikea coffee table in the center of the room with one broken leg. "I don't think I can do this anymore!" I bawled. I was having a total meltdown.

The fear of being stuck forever, of never having enough, of living a life doomed to financial struggle... these thoughts literally threw me into a panic. 

I was told I was the 'dramatic type with unrealistic expectations' a few times before. "I guess I'm proving everyone right", I thought to myself. Our reality wasn't glamorous or pretty, and even though we weren't living in poverty, I had giant-size dreams since I could remember so the thought of living a life of less just wasn't going to cut it. I knew I was meant for something really big.

Can you relate?

This is why I started a business! To get out of normalcy, create ultimate freedom for myself and my family, to make enough money to have a huge impact and to create something that actually mattered. But things were far from ideal...

You may have already heard my stories of success and struggle. Even though a lot of things didn't work at first, once they did, it was like a switch flipped! I don't want to make it sound easy peasy, but it is my belief that things can be easier or harder, and we have the power to decide which way we see the glass: half full or half empty. 

Here's exactly how I transformed to change my financial & personal circumstances completely:

1. Step away from the 'how'.

As a recovering perfectionist and a driven, A-type person, it can be challenging for me to let go and let things work out how they're supposed to. But when we are so obsessed with HOW the money is going to come in, or HOW it's going to work out, we literally choke out the magic of possibility. If you stay out of the how (which is none of our business, anyway) you can focus on receiving what's already meant for you. By allowing the Universe to conspire in your favor, your life becomes easier and you have the breathing room to focus on what you can actually control. 


2. Slow down to speed up... and for goodness sake abolish 'busy'.

Today's culture is all about the 'go-go-go' grind and hustling (a word I've since removed from my vocab). Everybody's walking around totally burnt out and they wonder why they're feeling so stuck in their life and business! What I know to be true is that when we have nothing left to give, the opportunity well runs dry. We can't give what we don't have, so our physical circumstances matches that. Slowing down majorly by being really choosy with how and what you spend your time on matters. Once you strike out all the unnecessary to-do's from your list and focus on what is truly important, you can gain major momentum by staying grounded, focusing on simple actions that push your business forward, and taking care of your #1 priority: YOU. Being 'busy' will keep your broke. Don't be afraid to slow down.


3. Take full ownership. AKA 'suck it up, buttercup'. 

Some of us need a swift kick in the pants, and I know I needed it many times in my beginner business stages. I played the victim role a lot and said a lot of things that were very "woe, is me" which helped no one. Once I took 100% responsibility for my situation and all outcomes of my life, I put myself in a powerful position to change what I didn't want. For us to actually experience the level of success that we dream of, we have to get into reality and own up to the fact that how we think, speak and behave creates our reality! Put yourself in the driving seat of your life and own it.


How can you implement some of these mindset shifts into your life now? My recommendation is to take them on ASAP as your own... the sooner you can shift your mindset, the sooner you'll shift your reality.

Big things are in store for you, act and think as if it's already here!